My name is Adam Keller. I like to create characters, stories and worlds. This site is dedicated to my Anthropomorphic universe which is centered around Cora, one of my main characters.

Cora is a unicorn-zebra hybrid woman. I would like to tell her journey throughout the centuries in a world that constantly changes around her and keeps challenging her. Cora is immortal due to her unicorn heritage but she has to cope with the people around her being mortals, both friends and family. She lived over 1500 years and experienced both joys and sorrows along throughout her long life.

In this world I have my own character or or avatar, who represents me, he is Orion, a brabant horse man who is lucky enough to meet Cora with whom they will start a family after they get mated. Orion is heavily based on me, my personality, desires, but while he has a harder life in many aspects he is also much luckier than me.

The third main character is Alethea, she is a wolf-tabby cat hybrid taur lady. She gets to know Cora and Orion and as time passes she joins their family as their mate.

As of late 2021, I have over 200 secondary characters who all have different lives, personalities and backstories. The common thing in most of their lives is that they meet Cora at some point that has some sort of effect in their destinies, maybe just a really small things that doesn’t matter, but maybe it’s something that changes everything for them.

If you would like more information about my world, characters and stories, visit my Lore page.

I hope you will enjoy Cora’s journey!

Thank you for your time, have a wonderful day!

Adam Keller


Discord: AdamTheSillyHoss#5476

Featured Artwork by Rafaelo

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